Despite being only sixteen years old, Mika is a skilled Hunter, dedicated to wiping out goblin-kind.


Tall for her tender years, Mika has pale skin and raven dark hair. Her eyes have a slightly almond shape uncommon to people of this region. Her clothing is generally subdued hunters garbs covering the more festive outfits of her adoptive people.


She started out in a small fishing village near the river. She lived there with her Mother, Father and three older brothers. When she was 5 a goblin/hobgoblin raiding party attacked the village. Of course she was to young to know but her mother and father where out spoken activists in the furthering of human rights in the dwarfish realm. Could it have been the Dwarves turned a blind eye to the raiding party that attacked her village as a way to remove a thorn in their side?

She was found hiding under a wrecked fishing boat by a family of halflings, the village was otherwise deserted. A search of the village was conducted all that was found was a bracelet of blue stones and a Great bow with a stag carved upon it. The little girl was scared and half staved, it took some time for the halflings to coax her into speaking and till this day has remained a child of few words. The only name the girl could recall was Mika the halflings didn’t know if this was her first name, family name or just a nick name but with nothing else to call her that’s how they left it. The halfling family wanted to hand her over as soon as possible to the local human authorities but the mother found a birthmark upon her thigh. The birthmark is the symbol for an ancient Halfling prophecy. A great debate raged among the clans of halfling in the area and in a close vote it was decided to raise the human girl as their own. A halfling elder was elected to be surrogate mother for the orphaned girl.

At 5 she was already the height of most halflings and she had a knack for tracks and hunting so they started her training as a ranger. She had natural talent with a bow so was trained with short bow. So though it was thought she had out grown any bow the halflings had so they started her training on the bow that was found at her village.
Also it was so discovered that she had a great affinity for hunting and when she reached the age of 10 towering over her foster people, she helped in fending off goblin raiding parties.

Now at 16 her family have decided they can no longer keep her safe as her hunting for the green skin was getting more and more a field. They have sent her to the city to see if the defence force could use a tracker/hunter of her skill. The human in charge laughed it off he couldn’t accept a girl of that age and presented by halflings to boot.

Drifting aimlessly in the city she soon found herself mixing with the other street kids and has earnt her self a reputation with the city watch. She always seems to be in the thick of things but then they come to break it up she is nowhere to be seen. With her keen perception she soon uncovered that the waifs were being directed to certain areas to cause mischief. She investigated the source of the directions to once again be chased by the city watch. Is the watch behind the unrest against the Dwarfs? Or are they merely pawns to a higher authority?

Known Associates:

Her time in the city haven’t been a total waste she has befriended a butcher and is often out hunting game for his shop, Also a grandfatherly old silversmith has taken her under his wing as the granddaughter he never had. He is a retired soldier who campaigned against the goblins and has plenty of stories some of which he wishes did quiet so interest Mika as much as they do. Lastly she has just met a noble dwarven lady who is interested in Mika as her games warden but it’s a bit to tame for this young spirit.

Gareth Butcher – Burly butcher who longs to be a hunter, but his harpy of a wife won’t let him.

Irian Tinkerson – Silversmith who has taken a shining to Mika. She reminds him greatly of his daughter who he lost at a young age. He is reknowned for having access to Mithrendain silver available only from the feywild. He imports this from Arannis’s master, who is apparently missing.

Olga Rumstien – A Dwarven noblewoman widow who has no love for humans and is known as a bit of a harsh tyrant, but inexplicably repeatedly offers Mika a job as game warden on her estate. Her estate seems just fine without one and she has previously shown little interest in hunting. Why is she being so kind?

Rolo Tusslefoot – Son of a Halfling elder. He has always hated Mika. He calls her “Stormcrow” and the name has stuck amongst many of the young halflings. He seems to make it his life goal to make her go away. Just going to the human lands was not far enough for him. Disturbingly, his mother is a seer and while she is not unkind to Mika, she always looks at her with a mix of grief and fear.


Mika just wants to find out about her family and if any one else survived and hunt goblins maybe steal a kiss from a pretty elf boy she has her eye on but only on her terms.


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