A elf-turned-wilden Scout trapped in an unfamiliar land and an unfamiliar body.


Figg still retains some of her previously elven features, however now much more closely resembles a Dryad. He form has been altered to be somewhere between an Elf and a Wilden.

Background/Concept Elements

1. Figg was a young courier for The Spring Court (Fey nobility). On her first mission she became lost and has never found her way home since.
2. One morning, after an unusually deep sleep, Figg woke to a slightly less vibrant and slightly more lifeless world (transported via semi-permanent portal into this world). When she went to a nearby pond to drink and wash away her unease she found that her face had been horribly disfigured. Her beauty was gone and an alien visage hid all but her most prominent features.
3. Once Figg realized she had travelled into another realm she remained close to that original area, hoping and searching for a way home. For three years she has been roaming further and further abroad, mostly avoiding but sometimes meeting the local inhabitants.
4. Young and passionate, Figg eventually became involved in local issues and was restrained from killing some woodsman by Taelsin, an Elf cleric of Balinor.
5. Figg could be seen as a very angry eco-terrorist who considers the life of trees and plants as important as all animals. Sentient beings include trees as far as she is concerned. She understands the necessity of death for survival but does not tolerate wasteful or unnecessary killing.


1. Find the way home to the FeyWild. If not to return, at least to complete her original mission so that she can once again take pride in being a ranger/courier.
2. (Unknown to Figg) Uncover the plot to damage The Spring Court, particularly if the many unknown portals in this area means the Dark Fey may start to influence her new residence, Elsir Vale.


1. (Unrevealed) How did Figg end up so far from home? It was a pretty unlikely accident. Was it something to do with the delivery she was carrying?
2. Figg’s desire to see the Feywild again appears to be a driving ambition. Why then is she reluctant to talk about it? Will her people accept her? What could be so important about the acorn she keeps with her at all times?

Friends & Foe

1. Fortunately Taelsin was one of the first locals to meet Figg and took her under his wing. Teaching her basics of civilization, the races, money, trade, honour, politics, ethics and religions of Elsir Vale.
2. Tidbit is a somewhat shady, half-orc trader who travels throughout Elsir Vale. Firstly he took advantage of Figg’s naivety and outrageously swindled her for herbs and plants Figg was able to gather. However, once he realized Figg didn’t discriminate against his half-orc background he has developed a true friendship and the two mutually benefit from each others infrequent and random meetings.
3. One of Figg’s first human encounters was with woodsmen who were clearing a very large area of forest for a petty nobleman’s estate. She would have begun killing them indiscriminately, however Taelsin intervened. Grudgingly, Figg altered tactics to fear and non-lethal guerilla warfare. The woodsmen abandoned the work, however the Lord (no name??) suspects and has pieced together enough info to want to target Figg.

Memories, Mannerisms & Quirks

1. Figg often leaves carvings on trees for any other Wilden in the hope that they will help her home.
2. If she spends more than several days in a nature based encampment she will automatically start sculpting and gardening the area to improve its beauty but also enhance its wildness. Elves who come across these areas will recognize them as ‘gardens’ where other less in tune races will explain them as areas of natural, untouched beauty.
3. Figg considers Balinor a local name version of Baeorn (King of the FeyWild) and therefore has taken on the Elsir Vale as her patron deity. Their philosophies are very similar and Figg follows his teaching and concepts with a stronger than previous fervor. Somehow this has helped maintain a somewhat strenuous link with her original home.


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