A wayward Eladrin silversmith who circumstances thrust into the roll of hero and Slayer.


A young Eladrin male with distinctive silver hair. He moves with uncanny grace and a reserved dignity.

In brief:

- Arannis is very young for an Eladrin seen outside the Feywild, he appears to be around eighteen years old by human standards.
- Arannis shares his family’s distintice silver hair, a train all but unheard of in his region of the feywild. His parents never talk about their heritage or where they came from.
- Arannis comes from a privlidged upbringing, but has little idea where his fathers money comes from.
- He had fine private tutors in both education and the martial arts, but has had little experience with the world outside of his home town.
- Like all of his family, he is dignified and reserved. His parents were reserved to the point of coldness, he tries not to be like that.
- Apprenticed to a silversmith he never paid too much attention to his craft. One day his master went missing (under circumstances Arannis will not discuss). He now finds himself deeply missing his master who was like a father to him.


- Find what has happened to his master and rescue him if needed.
- Continue his masters legacy, becoming a great silversmith as well as finding and restoring the legendary Silver Sword with which his masters was obsessed.


- (Unrevealed) Why is he evasive when asked about his master’s dissappearance?
- (Unrevealed) Why would anyone want to kidnap his master? Was he really the target? Was it to do with his research?
- (GM Secret Unrevealed)

Known Associates:

- Tobor Sweatleaf, a river gypsy halfling with whom Arannis liked to sneak away from his duties and party.
- Amolina Silverlight, niece of Arannis’s master, she runs the retail side of the family jewelery store. Arannis has always admired her beauty from a distance but does not think a mere apprentice has a chance with her. He cannot bare to see her again until his master is safe.


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